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How can you get involved with the LLHA?
Typically, the LLHA hosts six gymkhanas over the summer, from May until September. Each gymkhana includes five main events and a mystery event. There are 2 main divisions:

Youth (18 and under) - starts at 9 am
Open (any age) - starts no earlier than 1 pm
5 Main + Mystery
The main events include pole bending, quadrangle stakes, flags, barrel racing, and keyhole. The mystery event adds an element of fun and surprise to each gymkhana, as it is announced that day. 

To promote participation, we have introduced a leadline division to our youth portion of the gymkhanas, starting at 9am. These are open to children who have found their love for horses, but perhaps not the confidence to tackle the courses on their own. 

4D System
Youth events run on a 5-second bracket division, and open events run on a 3-second bracket, with 4 brackets (divisions) each. Fastest horse sets 1D, and each division follows. This way, we are able to award for more than just the fastest horse of the day, giving more winners and awarding for CONSISTENCY versus just speed.
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Horse Shows

The LLHA hosts at least one fun show per year, and recently has been running a show circuit with a few of the organizations in Thunder Bay. 

The show program has always included both English and Western classes, with halter, showmanship, pleasure and equitation. We also offer a variety of age and performance divisions, as well as stakes classes, day-of-show high points and year-end awards for the show circuit.

For the past 3 years, our shows have been NAERIC approved, which is an added incentive for those who own NAERIC horses.

We encourage all levels of ability, horse and rider, to come out to our shows and try something new! There is a class for everyone, and prizes too!